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Conscious Sustainability

Preserving one's habitat is a matter of common sense. It is not, however, an idea taken seriously enough and the consequences are immense, with a real, scientifically calculated probability that future generations will not be able to inhabit the planet as we know it (or at all).

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1.Jun. 2024

A Magical Birth

The moment a human being is born is full of unusual beauty, both literal and figurative. This beauty is enhanced by the fact that this moment is witnessed only by a few health professionals and the parents or, alternatively, family members accompanying the person giving birth.

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1.May. 2024

A Conscious Education

Conscious education seems like an obvious concept, a pleonasm even. It still is not. It is, however, a concept that is increasingly being put into practice in Portugal, not only by families but also by education professionals. 

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1.Apr. 2024

More Voices, More Rights

Feminism has no effect if it doesn't leave the paper or the electronic pages where it rightly rails against injustice, inequality, and inhumanity.

It acquires a new dimension when it steps into the realm of practical, everyday lives, which are so many and so much in need of feminist, fair-minded lucidity.

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1.Mar. 2024

Books and Children

Before there were books with written stories, there were stories told orally, and before that, and language, there were stories in drawings, or represented through gestures, symbols and sounds. There was imagination, although we don't know the exact moment in which humans began to use it. There were dreams. Emotions.

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1.Feb. 2024

Towards Equality

Portuguese language, like all languages that derive from Latin, is highly genderized. It is a cultural aspect that needs to be identified and, for the sake of a more equal and balanced society, reformulated. If, in English, doctors, teachers, and ministers are, quite rightly, human beings regardless of the gender they identify with, in Portuguese, médicos, professores, ministros are masculine plural names, with the norm dictating that the masculine plural includes all genders.

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Affection in Translation is the result of a predilection for affectionate creatures and attitudes—kindness, well-whishing and dedication. People who are consciously and deliberately affectionate against the currents of capitalist modernity and against the waves of ideals that reward mechanicalness are a force and a bliss.

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